Art Schools and Colleges – What You Should Know

Defining what is the “best” has always been a tricky endeavor. And if you came here hoping for a definitive answer to which art university has proven itself worthy of the title, then we’re not going to lie to you: we don’t have an answer. At least not one that comes in the form of a university’s name.

Choosing the “Best Art Universities” can be an art! How do you make the best choice? So you want to attend a great art university. The best art universities are out there. But how do you choose the art university that’s perfect for you? It could be said the process is as easy as 1-2-3-4.

It can be an incredibly challenging task to determine the best art courses among the wide selection of choices available. There are so many options it can get overwhelming. Artists emerge from every walk of life, with styles and artforms as diverse as the individual perception of what constitutes good art. Tolstoy defined art as “one of the conditions of human life.” Indeed, this is evident by the continuously growing number of artforms present in society.7 Lesson Plans That Are Perfect for Active Learning |

The best art schools will do more than just spit you out with a diploma in your hand. They’ll stick with you, whether it be through alumni networks that help you find a company to work in after graduation, or a famous name that draws in clients in the future. At the very least, don’t pick one that you know has a bad track history, and if you’re lucky, your art university will do enough for you in the future that the tuition you put into your education pays for itself.

It sounds like a line from Jedi training, but there should be something inside that tells you when an art university is right for you. To get that feeling, you certainly have to visit some schools in person. If during your visit, a little voice inside is screaming, “This place isn’t for me,” listen to that voice! That’s how you find the best art universities. TALK to other students there. Hear how enthusiastic they are about the school. Attend classes as observer. Does the faculty impress you? Try and contact alumni of the university. They’ll tell you if the degree they earned was of benefit to them. Trust your feelings, Luke!

The best art courses all share some of the same key components, regardless of your specific artistic niche, including good location, knowledgeable and helpful faculty, state of the art resources, abundant internship or career networking opportunities, and an excellent reputation. This is true whether you are considering attending a liberal arts school to study graphic design or an art institution for ballet training.

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