Scorpio Full Moon ~ Living the Mystery


The Scorpio Full Moon on May 5-6 underlines the need to dig profound and dissect our convictions around cash, security and the motivation behind life. This is the second of five SuperMoons this year. Sun in Taurus infers that we are all important for the circle of life. Every spirit plays an essential part to play. Another can’t supplant you. You are the gift.


♦ What is your life reason?


♦ What are your ability and capacities?


♦ Might it be said that you are getting by, or making a daily existence?


The Scorpio Full Moon stresses truth and close to home truth. Scorpio rules what is covered up and at the center of an issue. All spirits, designs and frameworks must recalibrate to a higher calling of Truth. We are entering the Age of Truth, the Age of Empowerment. Pluto, Scorpio’s decision planet shows us power. How we use power. How we get power. How we own our power as well as how we part with our power.


♦ What engages you?

♦ What is your Truth?

♦ What is your profound longing?

♦ What are you ablaze for?

♦ What is your obsession?

♦ What is keeping you down?

♦ What activity steps might you at any point take today to enable yourself?


The Scorpio Full Moon is bringing to our cognizant mindfulness the significance of adjusting our male and female energy. For this reason Prime Creator is sending the Goddess Love/Light energy to Earth. We are being recalibrated for final aspect. Maker is utilizing the Full Moons, New Moons, Pluto and Uranus, shrouds, solstice, equinox and power dates, for example, 5.5.12, 12.12.12 and 12.21.12. These are gateways into the higher aspects radiating serious Love/Light to Earth.


It is accepted by numerous that there are 100 aspects to God Consciousness. For example, Amebas are one-layered awareness. Jellyfish are two-layered   How to join illuminati awareness. People have been stuck in third-layered cognizance since the fall of Atlantis. We have languished over 13,000 years heavily influenced by the Cabal and the Illuminati. The Cabal has a crazy desire for war, avarice, worldwide mastery and their mysterious economy*. We are liberating ourselves from this jail network. In truth, we are rising everyday. A few people are as of now in fifth, sixth, ninth, twelfth, and higher layered awareness. They are the lightworkers on the main edge, ‘holding the space’ for humanity to stir. The Light was winning all along.


♠ How might you respond assuming you had no constraint?


♠ How might you respond assuming you had boundless assets?


♠ What might you make with your new opportunity?


This is a supernatural and strong Scorpio Full Moon. You are a strong manifestor and maker. Avoid dread. Be the performer! Utilize your power, your wizardry to make excellence and goodness. We are birthing another worldview one in view of the force of affection instead of the adoration for power. We are moving into final aspect. We are figuring out how to make from our heart. Living from our heart, what we genuinely love and worth. This will make Heaven on Earth.


Discussing Love the Goddess of Love goes backward. Venus, Taurus and Libra’s decision planet turns retrograde on May 15-June 27. This will enable us to reconsider our objectives, genuine qualities and our connections. Nonetheless, fulfillment might be postponed with Venus retrograde. Venus going in reverse in Gemini is a fantastic event for reconnecting with individuals and delights from before. Venus retrograde is offering us the chance to dial out of the outer programming from the TV, the organizations, the family and the public authority. All things being equal, we can engage ourselves by going inside and deciding our own reality, our actual qualities and our Self-worth. This is valid power, when we carry on with life from the back to front.


♦ The main thing to you?

♦ What have you underestimated as well as exaggerated?

♦ Might it be said that you are enamored or desire?

♦ Might it be said that you are strolling your discussion?

♦ Might it be said that you are possessing your power or parting with your power?


Mercury the courier enters Taurus on May 8 dialing our psyche back and being more intentional and cautious in our interchanges. The Sun conjuncts Jupiter on May 13 rousing us with positive inspiring, and engaging can do energy. Anything you imagine and accept you can accomplish. Enable yourself and afterward engage individuals.


This Scorpio Full Moon will be extreme. The attention will be on our self-esteem, assets and our basic beliefs. Taurus looks for solace and acknowledgment for ourselves as we are; Scorpio tries to uncover our weaknesses, neglected needs, wants and secret disdain. We might feel it is difficult to keep away from the force of our sentiments at this strong Scorpio Full Moon. However, a limited quantity of objectivity can make our sentiments helpful instead of damaging. Taurus helps us to remember what we appreciate. Scorpio shows us what we want to change. We are currently a general change.


The Scorpio Full Moon is uncovering the secret inspirations, stowed away plans and significant bits of insight about the abuse of force and our assets around the world. We are changing from present moment, silly gains to long haul, life-upgrading objectives. The power is with the person. The power is with people meeting up in bunches power groups. From the grass digs up, we are changing the world from haziness into the Light. Recollect that activity talks stronger than misery. Do what engages you.


“Whenever you attempt to legitimize where you are by calling attention to how terrible things are, you are going off course. Go after the prospect that feels far improved, And permit the regular Well-Being that is yours.” – Abraham


Love and Peace,

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