.Electric dab rig leaves no room for error

Temperature controls are standard on every dab rig, allowing you to find the ideal dabbing temperature and maintain it. You may only be able to get as high as 700 on some electronic devices, depending on their model and manufacturer. Additionally, your electronic dab rig’s indicator light will turn on when it’s ready to be used (available in some models). Some versions may reach your desired temperature in as little as 19 seconds, while other models require up to two minutes more time to reach that degree. You can regulate the temperature of your dabbing session with electric dab rigs, as well. To keep your nail within the given temperature range, simply set the device to the desired temperature.

In contrast, the use of herb grinder ordinary dab rigs takes some level of expertise and knowledge. Torching dab nails is a delicate technique that must be performed with extreme care. It’s important to pay attention to how the nail reacts to the torch’s heat. Electronic dab rigs’ temperature limiters prevent them from reaching temperatures that are far higher than those that can be achieved by torching a dab nail. The disadvantage is that, depending on the type of nail in the dab rig, your temperature will begin to drop after a few seconds.

Sizes of a dab

In some portable electronic rigs, the amount of concentrate that may be dabbed is limited. Because their nails are so little, you can only use them for extremely small dabs.

Electronic dab rigs and traditional dab rigs can both produce the same size dab as long as you don’t use portable electronic rigs for your dabbing.


While electronic dabbing rigs are generally safer than traditional dabbing rigs, this does rely on the type of electronic dabbing rig set up you have. Certain modern electric dab rigs have coils hidden inside the rig itself, making it possible to securely dab without the risk of accidents. It is possible for a fire to start on an E-rig if the exposed coils are not properly monitored.

Several people have had carpets catch fire because they didn’t set up their equipment appropriately. Make sure to keep in mind that as long as you are providing the coils with electricity, they will always remain at the temperature setting you have decided to keep.

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